Customer Care

Bloomer Bioactive prides ourselves on customer care. We love being available to answer as many questions as we possibly can about our amazing products for our amazing customers. While we are a small startup, we are confident you'll love the quality of service and the quality of our products and pets.

Privacy & Safety

Bloomer Bioactive is committed to the security. privacy, and safety of all of our customers.

Wholesale Inquiries

Send us an email at or message us on Instagram @BloomerBioactive .



Payment Methods

  • Online Checkout

  • Square Invoice

  • Cash at Expo's or with Local Pickup Only

Where Are We Located?

Near Speedway, Indiana, USA.

Captive Bred Only.

Bloomer Bioactive cultures only the highest quality captive bred varieties. Bloomer Bioactive will never support or endorse the blatant poaching of any animal.

How Many Pods Per Order?

ALL of our isopod listings are a minimum of 10 counts with frequent overcounts depending on availability. 

About Live Arrival Guarantee

If any problems arrive with your order, please email us at or on Instagram

To date we have had zero failed shipments.

We hope you'll choose us for all your future bioactive enclosure and microfauna needs.