How to Keep & Care for your Porcellio Laevis 'Dairy Cow' Isopods

Porcellio Laevis 'Dairy Cow' Isopods are some of the coolest, available, AND one of the largest species you'll find! Dairy Cows make great "starter" isopods if you're fresh into the hobby. They were the first ones I found and purchased at my local reptile expo, and they've lived up to being most of my indoor entertainment for the majority of this past winter and pandemic alike. Here's some of the neat quirks I've noticed with Dairy Cows that might help you care for yours! To begin, Dairy cows, like all detritivores, LOVE their leaf litter. Hickory seems to be their absolute top pick on leaves. However, Porcellio Laevis 'Dairy Cows' are much heavier on protein than other species. Some of the guests that've stopped by and grabbed some from us have used them to help maintain their own "circle of life" by using Dairy Cows as a protein garbage disposal. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have decaying roaches around? Feed it to the cows! Shrimp in your aquatic tank move on? Feed'em to the cows!! Freeze dried minnows, freeze dried shrimp, fish flakes, they L O V E protein. This is why Dairy Cows are NOT recommended for use in bioactive tanks with soft bodied animals that are non-insectivorous. This includes Ball Pythons, and Snails. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Be sure to give them lots of places to hide and they are happiest on the drier side. They enjoy burrowing and will often retreat underground to ensure their young are safe and near food sources and calcium rich locations. Dairy Cows are also fond of egg shell crate as a means to retain moisture, and in some cases might work better than sphagnum moss solely because of surface area and moisture retention. Tanks at are typically kept between 74-78 degrees and a relative humidity (RH) between ~40-60%. For calcium sources, Cuttlebone and calcium carbonate will be most beneficial. --Be sure to Follow us on social media! -- Facebook Instagram Twitter

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