Springtails, Springtails, Springtails!

Here at Bloomer Bioactive we've been focusing a lot on our springtails and doing our best to have exploding cultures that are hopping out of the container the moment you go to add them to your bioactive enclosure!

When you pickup a culture of our springtails, you'll find that they're thriving on our organic mushroom compost bioactive substrate that you can find HERE! If you're unsure on where to start with keeping isopods and springtails - consider trying one of our Bioactive Starter Kits! This kit includes a bag of of our apx. 5LB bioactive ready organic mushroom compost substrate A 10 count of your choice of Powder White or Oreo Crumble Pruinosus isopod and one of our thriving Collembola Sp. Pink Tropical Springtail cultures!

If you don't follow us on Instagram, you should be! We post all kinds of updates on our whereabouts and shenanigans related to all things isopod, microfauna, bioactive, mushroom, and more! We hope to see you around!

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